Lune Posters

Flyer & Poster Mock-Up 1 (Perspective 4)Flyer & Poster Mock-Up 1 (Perspective 4)Set mock up

Our friend Corin Kennington went and made these posters for these letters he designed. The colours are risograph printed and then their outlined using wooden blocks that he made. . .

Theres only a limited amount so go buy one from here:

Our friend

tumblr_ngbcqzCkwe1ti4yy3o1_1280Our friend Goodchild has just made some prints , so go and give him your money                                                        BUYBUYBUY

Screen Shot 2014-12-06 at 10.11.35

Screen Shot 2014-12-06 at 10.10.41

lets go!

making paint in the trees with goodchild

Got the GIrldem ON the roof



Dont know this guy, but he was gurning loads so i guess i took a load of photos of him.. and this new song from hunger games is great.


Tribal Tatt

Personally i love tribal tattoos. Think they look really nice, Newquays full of them, and flat caps that say DENCH, love ‘em.